Learn JavaScript and Front-End Fundamentals.

Awesome Learning is Frontend focused learning platform built around deliberate practice.
Our courses are designed to be perfect for group programming.

What's Deliberate Practice?

Deliberate practice involves more than repetition; it requires activities that are designed to improve performance, challenge the learner, and provide feedback.

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How Do We Apply Deliberate Practice?

Each course and lesson are designed to incrementally challenge the learner while providing immediate feedback in the form of quizzes, provided solutions, and guiding comments.

Each course is comprised of multiple lessons that each build on learnings from the previous lesson, always challenging the learner to reach for new understanding.

Each lesson features exercises designed to incrementally increase in complexity to further challenge the user.

Group Focused

We believe one of the major separators between "junior" and "senior" developers is technical communication. That's why we strongly suggest running these sessions with a small group, either in person or over a chat client.

Over the hundreds of sessions we've run, those who tackle these courses as a group learn faster and become stronger technical communicators, all while building key technical skills.

How it Works

  1. Gather a Team

    We recommend groups of no more than five or six people. Try to build groups with relatively similar abilities across members to keep everyone interested and engaged.

  2. Pick a Course

    Start with one of our pre-built courses like array methods, testing, etc. Later you can use the same learning method with other materials and contribute your own course!

  3. Pick a Time

    We recommend setting aside an hour to an hour and a half per session, at a cadence of once per week until you complete your course.

  4. Pick a Place

    Ideally, each of you has a laptop in a quiet space. Otherwise, find the best way to get your group together at the scheduled time whether in person or remotely.

Who is This For?

This material is currently used by full time software engineers within Wayfair. We believe beginners, experts, and everyone in between can learn something here.

In general, we find that a group of folks motivated to learn and improve both their soft skills and Frontend knowledge will do well here. If there are explicit pre-requisites for a course, they will be clearly stated.